what we ate (part II, the revenge)

Isn't he the cutest boy in the world? Here he is, enjoying a bagel sandwich at Tiny's Coffee Shop, where Garret's artwork is up for display. The corn soup (corn!) was mighty tasty too.

James, dangling his bait in Seattle. The rains did not abate, so we ate pho in the afternoon, tempura udon and sushi at night.

By the time we hit Vancouver to visit and chill out with SuYin, things finally dried up and we ate al fresco by cozying up to a venison and banana pepper pizza.

But at night, SuYin took us to a local izekaya called "GUU Otokomae" where we ate like kings.
Behold, the stuffed tomato with rice and hijiki, rolled in panko and fried like a croquette, served with tomato sauce. 

Wot a dish! Unagi on top of chirashi zushi.

There were several memorable dishes in-between that aren't making an appearance, so I shall name them only but name. A duck salad, a sashimi salad, a tofu salad, and two heavenly grilled onigiri (one miso, one shoyu).

Lastly, we stuffed our holes with a black sesame ice cream, a mango "chichai little happiness pudding" and tempura banana served with the best coconut ice cream ever known to mankind.

On the walk home to Suyin's fat condo on The Edge, Bill contemplated whether or not to have the jalapeno cheese dog from the street vendor, but decided instead that he'd drink several small local stout beers before officially calling it a wrap. Thank you to all of our friends who let us stink up their homes for a night or two, including Wayne and Smokey, who weren't recorded for posterity, since the camera batteries went kaput in Klamath Falls. Thank you, sweet ones, thank you.