and what we ate

Guacamole in the rain. Note the tupperware brimming with the asparagus, mushroom pasta dish that we stretched out over 2 1/2 days in the crook of his arm.

Our good buddies, Garret and Melissa in Portland. They sheltered us from the pouring rain, gave us showers and clean sheets and served us great grilled chicken and an awesome cheesecake with icecream (Garret is a cake decorator at a local bakery, in addition to being a terrific illustrator, photographer and my "art-ner"). They also introduced us to the highly addictive tv show "Cash Cab" and burned about 1,000 awesome early rock, roots, and punk albums for us to listen to.

Breakfast was so good we almost cried. Apple maple sausages! Three kinds of toast! Homemade homefries!

But sin of sins, we weren't done with Portland just yet. We had gotten wind of the world-famous Voodoo Donuts and weren't going to let that just slide. Your eyes are not deceiving you- that is a bonafide maplebar with a slice of bacon atop and several man-sized bites taken out of it. Cradled next to it is the chocolate raspberry blood filled voodoo man (pretzel stick through his heart), a triple chocolate pentration donut with cocoa puffs adorning its hole, and peeking behind the waxed paper, an Oreo crumble donut. Lordy.

To reassure everyone, following this roadtrip, BR and I are now on strict "Zone" diets and are running around the lake daily.