Halloween night when you're old

Notes for the CCH grant proposal discussion tomorrow? Check. Final draft of the powerpoint presentation at Loyola Marymount University on Tuesday? Check. Bio sent to Central California Asian Pacific Women fundraiser in December? First stab at the Kaya press release? Typed notes from the Bancroft Library research on Wayne Collins? Check check check.

We did, in fact, try to make it out to two themed bars on our side of town tonight, but discovered that they were closed on Mondays (even on a Monday like tonight!) So we settled instead for a roughly 11 mile bike ride down the Los Angeles River wearing our panda masks. This included a request stop at the Bigfoot Lounge for a Rude Bear Float (adult root beer float) and a Newcastle, and for huffing Indian spices at a local market and restaurant off of Los Feliz. My treat? Fig yogurt with mini choco chips and almonds while lying in bed wearing fuzzy pants.