San Francisco Loteria "Cockcycle"

Recently, the San Francisco Center for the Book asked me to be one of 15 artists to illustrate and carve a 12" x 12" linoleum block on the theme of the Mexican game loteria. This is actually a riff off of a (surprise) Los Angeles project headed up by Aardvark Press. In this impressive and ambitious printing project, a group of truly gifted Los Angeles artists were asked to create loteria "cards", each corresponding to a number and theme in the loteria game, and that also reflected LA in some way.

The San Francisco version was designed pretty much the same way- 15 artists, choosing a number and a theme based on loteria, with imagery that somehow references San Francisco. Not being a San Franciscan (I'm an Oaklander, ahem) I had to get into a yoga position and really dig deep for this one. However, once I had a theme in my grasp (I chose #1, El Gallo, the rooster) it all came together. San Francisco. Hot chicks with tattoos on bikes, riding in the fog. Get it?