wood & voodoo

My great new friend, Joel, has invited me to use the C&P platen, his drawers of type and all the furniture, letting and slugs I need. Luckily, I'm more focused on carving these days and haven't actually jumped onto the big press just yet, but its so beautiful, and such great fun out at his shop that I wanted to share. These are my Taos friends.

Henrietta the chicken and Cole.

Lucky Seven the spotted pony and Georgie his girlfriend.

Lilith and Whiskey in the shop.

The letterpress shop is a magical place- even Lily agrees that she just loves it there. I'm gonna teach her how to set her name and print some posters up for her. Plus, they have grapes! And sunflowers! And broad skies facing the craggy, majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains, with soggy creeks to wade in and watch the Russian olives and cattails turn to fall.