the typewriter series

I started carving images of typewriters, a sort of autobiographical take on things if you look at it in the proper light, here at my summer residency in Taos, New Mexico. As I am working diligently on a first (shitty) draft of the Shigeyoshi Murao biography here, it seemed apt that the writing would somehow leach into the illustration work.

But then, my dear friend and writer, Susan Ito, wrote to tell me that she was interested in putting together chapbooks (one for fiction, one for essays) and that got me all hot and bothered too. Continuing on the theme of manual typewriters, I've come up with two more. The image of the paper cranes has a rather dull title right now "Fiction" (please help inspire me to the land of more appropriate names).

If all goes well, we can work on putting these chapbooks together for release by this winter, don'tcha think?