gerry shizuko kebo wakida birthday book

Mom is 70 years old this year (April 18th), and in celebration, I had my brother steal her baby book. Sam and I then scanned images and printed them out at Kinko's, and affixed them to rounded boards painted with black sumi ink, with a sand-colored cardstock accordion spine (this is technically called a Flag Book). Her very first birthday portrait got placement on the cover:

Here's the book scrunched up, featuring a pretty dorky family portrait on the back. No Douglas! This was the pre-Buglas era.
Mom in a gingham bikini with a chunk of lard named PW, followed by her own grub impression when she herself was a few months old.

The birthday culminated in a surprise brunch (I can't believe we actually pulled it off, but she was in fact, very surprised) at sister Debbi's house, with 12 or so of her closest friends. The brunch was catered by Doug with all the stops pulled out.