hon-mono (the real deal)

Fantastic Bolinas artist, Arthur Okamura, gave me the greatest of all gifts when I went out to interview him for the Shig project. Upon learning that my moniker is "wasabi", Arthur led me to the pond in his yard, and there, tucked beneath the shadows were several potted wasabi plants. Live! Throbbing! Verdant!

Now it turns out that wasabi plants are notoriously difficult to raise- they demand cold water constantly flowing over their roots, and short of my building a simulated mountain stream from Gifu cascading down our backstairs, I was a bit flummoxed about how to properly care for my new ward.

As it turns out, we've had quite a rainy winter so far, and without doing much beyond keeping it in the indirect sun and that there is always water available, the wasabi is thriving. When I first got it, it had only three leaves, which actually fell off (though they were replaced by three more).

The lil' wasabi is now sprouting many more leaves, and the rhizome is even sending up a new set of leaves elsewhere in the pot!