Lots of little lino blocks for sale!

Buddyray manning the wasabi press table (along with Kathy Aoki's prints) , very manly style.

Our beloved former executive directors, Anne Smith and Kathy Barr.

Colleen is a freaking superstar. Only girls drove the steamrollers here. Katherine Case is the real hero of the day, but somehow she evaded my camera (not only did she organize the whole shebang, she also drove the steamroller inbetween leaping tall buildings).

Mary Laird's goddess block

The genius carver Maia de Raat inking up her insane mermaid block.

Here's Kathy Aoki! We finally met after passing like ships in the night for many years. She has amazingly produced a blue eyed blond little girl.

Kathy's teddybear construction worker block.

Kind volunteers inking up my very own Akuma block.

The inky block is placed on premarked areas of the street, right in the path of the steamroller...

Then they lay down the damp paper onto of the blocks, and add some heavy blankets, which Colleen runs over.

Voila! Roadworks steamroller print.

Michael Carabetta (creative director at Chronicle Books) did this amazing color print.

But as always, Rik Olson steals the show. This is his fourth year of carving a 3 x 3 lino for Roadworks, and as expected, the results were mindboggling.