Kitsune and Akuma Fight For the Soul of Man

Preliminary photos of my most ambitious linoleum project yet- a 3' x 3' block that will be inked up and run over repeatedly at the upcoming Roadworks Steamroller Prints to benefit the San Francisco Center for the Book on Saturday, September 8th.

The block laying on my living room floor, with the preliminary drawing pencilled in. Not as innocent a process as it looks at first glance. I did the drawing in pencils and inks at 6 x 6 (inches) then scanned it and took it to Kinko's to blow up to the 3 x 3 (feet) dimensions and print out. From their printout, I used carbon paper to retrace the image onto the block. I would have drawn directly onto the block had it not been for two pretty major challenges:

1.) when doing linoleum carvings, everything has to be done in reverse. So what you see now is going to be printed backwards, so its best not to fool with that unless you really know what you're doing.
2.) I've never in my life worked on something of this dimension. Freehand drawing at this scale scared the pants off of me.

Carbon paper works wonders!

Akuma (the demon) is starting to take shape. I've enjoyed adding detail to his face, and will continue to do so with Kitsune (fox).

Its mighty hard to tell from this perspective and at this point in the game, but the finished drawing will reveal the two gods wrestling up in the clouds, while electric lightning bolts whiz from their conjoined fists. Onwards!