How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Seeing that I haven't officially HAD a summer vacation since, oh 1992 (I've had no rest! I'm a workin girl), I am rediscovering the bliss of camping, hiking, kayaking, picnicking and tooling the motor boat around the lake while the boys go fishing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING WEEK.

Kimi and Anthony apparently won some power boat rental out at San Pablo Reservoir, so we piled the boys into the car, packed our bentos and headed for the water. Let us say now that noone caught a single durned catfish, but glory be, noone hooked someone's eyelid or cheek with carelessly wielded rods.

In fact, it was downright scary being on that boat with three rowdy guys who still got their rocks off flinging sardine guts and worms on each other.

Former Fresnan soaks up the latest tome by Valley writer extraordinaire, Mark Arax. Alas, no pictures of Kimi in this series, since she was the faithful photographer. Given a choice though, I would have taken a shot of the moment when she spit up a mouthful of mint lemonade when 10 minutes into the journey, Doug loudly announced that someone had already hooked his foot.