bella, Bella Vista

You know you've got it bad when you consistently dream about watering your sad, freakin urban garden plopped next to the neighborhood elementary school while you are on vacation in glamorous Tokyo. So alright already, I'm obsessed with my two 4x4 raised plots down the street. Just a few months ago, I got wind that the Bella Vista Community Garden had plots up for grabs, and for a mere $25 annually plus some volunteer hours on Saturdays, those squares of dirt would be mine, all mine.

I'm well into my second season of planting so far- the first was dominated by lettuces and a few hoary, peppery radishes. Summer is here and I'm pleased to say that things are going swimmingly so far- the tomatoes, the bushy basil (two types), the Kentucky Pole beans, shiso (red and green), strawberries, and eggplants are faring well. Armenian cuke seedling taking over the kitchen window and I'd say its ready to be transplanted too.

yum! yum! yum!