Girl Friday cum Court Reporter Spy

Two years back, the Jigmeister and I were part of Berkeley's Art Festival initiative to bring more performance art to everyday experiences and were chosen to be one of select group of artists to "do art" on AC Transit Bus #9 all the live long day. BR (on guitar) with his musical co-horts, Rob Reich (accordion) and Jared McAdams (mandolin) entertained the rain-drenched bus passengers with gold rush era tunes and a few California themed ditties. I, with my trusty (borrowed from keyboard hoarder Gene Baker) manual Underwood typewriter, recorded snatches of eavesdropped conversations captured on the bus, in a pseudo anthropologist fashion. We drove around for a few hours, picking up mildly shocked bus travellers and hopefully sent them onto their destinations a little more sprightly after their encounter with art. Hoo-rah.