Hot Diggity Dog! The 2006 Year of the Dog calendars are here!

After two months of blister inducing hard work, I am pleased to unveil wasabi press' much anticipated Year of the Dog 2006 calendars!

Thirteen whimsical dog-themed illustrations from the genius brush of cartoon illustrator Garret Izumi, carved in linoleum and letterpress printed in silver and black on colored Canson papers by Patricia Wakida. 8.5" x 14". Covers on silver card stock with wire binding. This is a limited edition of 60 calendars, folks. Price: $40 plus $2 shipping.

These doggie-luscious bites of year round goodness will also be available at an upcoming exhibition of calendars made exclusively by book artists. The PCBA 2006 Calendar Show will be held at the San Francisco Center for the Book, opening reception on Friday, December 9, 2005, from 6-9 p.m.

Tho it is much, much, much better to purchase directly from the artist (cuz I get to keep the entire amount of the sale without having to sell my soul to some evil, buck-toothed gallery owner), copies of my Year of the Dog 2006 Calendars are probably skulking around your neighborhood! Check 'em out.


* Pacific Center for the Book Arts 2006 Calendar Show
San Francisco Center for the Book
300 DeHaro at 16th, San Francisco

* Needles & Pens
483 14th Street at Guerrero, San Francisco

* Super 7
1630 Post Street at Laguna, San Francisco


* Rock! Paper! Scissors!
2278 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

To order a calendar, please contact Wasabi Press via email at: Thanks!