Wasabi press proprietor Patricia Wakida is a writer, artist, and bibliophile.

My media of choice are linoleum blocks, wood and metal type, and hundred year old letterpresses.

Most of my life has been dedicated to narratives: first as a reader and thinker; then as a Japanese papermaker, apprentice bookbinder, letterpress printer, and now a linoleum block carver. I am an active supporter and participant in California’s thriving literary and artistic worlds, having either organized, volunteered, or participated in exhibitions, panel discussions, and workshops that promote and nurture the creation and flourishing of artistic and literary expression.

As a fourth-generation Japanese American, I have dedicated much of my career to researching and creating artwork that is reflective of my culture, history, and art. That work has always been informed by other artists whose work reflects the struggle for equality by exploring astonishing resilience of the mind and cultural adaptation to survive.

My artistic education began with an apprenticeship in Japanese papermaking in Mino, Gifu prefecture, Japan in 1996, followed by an apprenticeship at the Arts and Crafts Press under linoleum block artist and letterpress printer, Yoshiko Yamamoto, in Berkeley, California. Since then, I've continued drawing, carving, and printing in constant pursuit of whatever delights the eye.

Photo by Karen Eng